Grand Master Koskella 

Nearly 40 years ago, Grand Master Kirk Koskella left Tucson, Arizona with the thought of bettering himself in his profession, with the martial arts remaining his first love. GM Koskella returns an expert in the Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Kumdo. Each discipline being refined by their modern-day founders, providing his expertly honed skill-set.

GM Koskella has trained individuals from college campuses to multiple Law Enforcement Agencies (Local, State and Federal), elite Military forces, and community Youth; providing a forum for National Competition, including training Olympic Gold and Silver Medalists.

Grand Master Koskella now returns home to Tucson, sharing his wealth of knowledge that; “Anything the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.”

 Cross Training 

The Seowon System of martial arts is a structured compliment of three systems of study (Taekwondo, Hapkido and Kumdo), used to maximize training, whereby an understanding of scientific principles is integrated within the ancient self-defense structure of the original martial art forms. This permits maximized results for use in application of defense, personal growth, and/or exhibition; regardless of age, physical impairment or length of study.

 Seowon Tigers 

GM Koskella has opened a specialized training center called ‘Seowon Tigers’, which exemplifies his past instruction, inclusive of ‘at risk’ youth, emergency services personnel, police, and military in GM Koskella’s personalized proprietary curriculum.

GM Koskella continues to give back to the community by providing 150 scholarships on a semi-annual basis for ‘at risk’ youth, single parent households, and children of fallen police and soldiers. Those whose families have deployed overseas and have to watch their pennies are welcomed as we advocate ‘all inclusive’ training scholarships on Tucson’s east side.

Traveling a little farther, the youth or adult practitioner soon understands what it means when GM Koskella asks you to: “Be the Difference!’



The very first system of Taekwondo taught in modern-day Korea was the Song Moo Kwan®. Song Moo Kwan was established on March 20, 1944 by Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick. Today, we find this establishment codified in the World Song Moo Kwan Association. The WSMKA is led by the founder’s son, Senior Grand Master Ro, Hee Sang.

Song Moo Kwan has taken its rightful place as Taekwondo’s world leader in traditional application of techniques, foundation of principles that led to Taekwondo becoming a household name, and providing a safety net for millions of practitioners throughout the world. Song Moo Kwan remains true to the origins of this great martial art under the guidance of Senior Grand Master Ro, Hee Sang.

GM Koskella was appointed GM Koskella to the position of WSMKA Administrative Director prior to the passing Supreme Grand Master Ro, Byung Jick. In honor of both great men (the House of Ro) GM Koskella continues to work toward SMK expansion as it flourishes. GM Koskella maintains this fealty in the establishment of Seowon Tigers (Tucson, Arizona) and continues to sustain and espouse the necessity of the World Song Moo Kwan Association in all martial arts efforts.


Doju-nim Ji, Han Jae started physical training under Grandmaster Choi, Yong Sool in 1953. Under supervision and control of DJN Han Jae Ji, certain Korean kicks, strikes, weapons, breathing techniques, diet, and ‘mind power’ were combined and the name expanded to indicate the broadened art form called Korean Hap Ki Yu Kwon Sool.

DJN Ji, Han Jae opened his first Yu Kwon Sool Hap Ki school one year after he began training under Choi with an agreed affiliation with him. Ji left Choi in 1956 to form his own organization, shortening the long name to Hapkido.

We must understand the origins of Hapkido to empower the future. Today, there is a a higher level of Hapkido training, which has been under the founder Doju-nim Ji, Han Jae. It is found in the teaching of the Dae Han SinMoo Hapkido Association.

GM Koskella has received the honored rank of 10th Degree Black Belt on April 14, 2017; and, granted title of Doju-nim of SinMoo Sung Hwa Do Hapkido. Sung Hwa Do noted as “Holistic Harmony” in relation to the man and the discipline.

The “higher” calling and challenge for today’s Hapkido is found in the teachings of Doju-nim Ji, Han Jae and the Dae Han SinMoo Hapkido Association.


Kim, Yu-shin was a general in seventh century Silla, considered to be one of the greatest generals and masters of the Korean sword in Korean history.

GM Koskella, has refined an inter-connected curriculum which uniquely blends effectiveness of Muye Dobo Tongji historical treatments exemplifying Yu Shin Gumdo as an exciting interpretation of the ancient martial art of swordsmanship.

This training curriculum is now offered to all Gumdo/Kumdo practitioners of Korean Swordsmanship, reflecting actual combat; providing self-assurance, poise; and incomparably executed demonstrated skills.

GM Koskella has serves as Chairman and President since 2015 (formerly Korean Traditional Gumdo Association (KTGA2003)) as Senior Grandmaster, and, follows in the traditional lineage of modern-day swordsmanship of Grand Master KIM Young-bae. (previously noted as the Korean Traditional Gumdo Academy (2003 – 2012)).

GM Koskella’s cross training in all three curriculum compliments the overall skill set achieved by the student practitioner. Therefore, Gumdo remains an integral part of any serious practitioners arsenal.


Tiger Cubs (Age 4 to 6)

Grand Master K’s Seowon Tiger’s has developed a unique “Tiger Cubs” program that is designed to enhance your child’s motor skills, teamwork, balance and strength while introducing them to the positive lifestyle of martial arts physical education. We teach a non-violent self-defense with an introduction to goal-setting, and a unique merit-based rank advancement reward system.

We also emphasize character development through the introduction of the principles; Self-Respect, Courtesy, Fealty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and an understanding of the term; “Indomitable Spirit.

Golden Tigers (Age 7 to 11)

Grand Master K’s Golden Tigers is devoted to the establishment of life-long proficiency skills. Studies show that martial arts classes are perfect for developing character, adjusting attitudes, and motivating youth to be their very best. This provides youth leadership skills needed to avoid peer pressure and succeed in today’s world. Healthy competition is encouraged at this level, but not mandated.

Real life self-defense in not in like the movies. Our youth need to know what to do and how to do it. Golden Tigers proprietary self-defense training focuses on technical proficiency and demonstration. Learning not to be afraid speaks for itself.

White Tigers (Age 12 to 15)

Grand Master K’s White Tigers provides each student a personalized curriculum of self-development, fitness and fun, teaching traits necessary to succeed in life. While more traditional aspects of martial arts are maintained, strong elements of self-defense become equally important. This element enhances mental development through teachings of Leadership/Life Skills.

As Instructor/Role Models, our duty is to prepare youth through confidence, persistence, and self-discipline necessary for success in school, sports, community, career and life.

Adults (16 and Over)

Seowon Tigers will teach you to enjoy the riches of art, history, language, which will provide you the ability to expertly demonstrate martial skills. Developing and maintaining a sound body and mind is critical. Therefore, your training will also include a personalized program of Self Defense and Exercise which knows no age limitation. You will begin with low impact and isometric exercises, then move to dynamic tension exercises associated with traditional martial arts training. Flexibility will be enhanced by gradual safe and relaxed stretching techniques. Breathing and concentration exercises will sharpen your senses, reflexes and permit release daily life stresses. Through technical expertise, the power of the body and mind will provide increased energy, self-discipline, and overall fitness, promoting a happier, healthier, quality of life.

Building your martial art knowledge base will help overcoming challenges while expertly presenting the original martial art forms as they were intended. Whether from hand to hand, or incorporation of traditional weapons: You need only adopt this mantra: “Anything the mind can achieve, the body can achieve”. In other words, “If you can accomplish one thing, you can accomplish anything”.

For Parents

Grand Master Koskella demonstrating Hapkido Technique

We all are aware that the times we live in demonstrate that our schools, malls and neighborhoods are not as safe as they used to be. From an early age, out of necessity, we try to prepare ourselves and our children to be able to handle themselves in an emergency situation. These situations are now becoming more frequent.

At Seowon Tigers, our students learn “art”. They also learn “combat”. Within each application of training (most importantly), they understand the difference. They understand the limited circumstances for use – if so needed, to protect themselves and their family.

We feel so strongly that we have provided scholarships for single parent households with “at risk” youth, and include households of deployed military, and fallen officers of police, fire and medical services personnel.

We are a “family first” training center. Come check out our family.

For All Students

When properly trained, the attacker will likely never see the technique employed. Training is not the development to become the strongest, and most physically fit. Proper application is in the building of proper balance, timing, and physical geometry, which permits the greatest amount of “power” to be employed, without “force”.

To the observer, it may appear that very little defense was used. The proper execution of techniques can incapacitate an opponent to permit your immediate escape. These skills can be learned, and employed, after a few short weeks. Continuing practice helps you find peace of mind through knowledge that may be employed at any time, in any place.

We would like for you to “learn the difference” … Then, “be the difference”.

Grand Master Koskella Demonstrating a Hapkido Technique

Women’s Self Defense

Rape Awareness and Women’s Self-defense are topics  that GM Koskella  has sought to teach for years.

When my 2 daughters were young, I was typically overprotective while pretending that I did not worry as much as I did. I guess, like most fathers, I sought to have my 2 girls, then young women “safe”, thereafter enlisting them to assist in teaching their peers.

It paid off one night as my eldest daughter had to confront a young man who was insistent on taking her girlfriend to the parking lot. So much so, that he picked up the young lady and draped her over his shoulder and began to leave.

While my daughter was proud of her standing up to the young man, she did regret calling him (as she put it) a “bad name.” The young man was a brown belt in the town we were in and his father the Judo coach.

In front of the whole school he had to back down. My daughter said she would not permit him to take her friend and had no doubt she could handle the young man.

We offer FREE Women’s Self Defense Classes at our Seowon Tigers Martial Arts Academy

Call (520) 404-3520 for more information…

Free Womens Self Defense Classes at Seowon TIgers in Tucson AZ

Free Women’s Self Defense Classes Each Month at Seowon Tigers

Demonstration of Techniques

Sung Hwa Do Hapkido – cane technique

Song Moo Kwan Taekwondo – One Step Sparring Technique

Doju, Ji Han Jae Demonstrating a Flipping Technique

The Journey

Grand Master Koskella has trained and taught throughout his life that others would come to know that they never need be afraid again.

Every person who trains is seeking something personal. They may just be training because their parents are making them train. However, that does not diminish the dreams of the individual that they can be as 007, a martial arts movie star, or an Olympic Champion.

Our job, our task, our duty is to help them fulfill that dream. That they become the greatest they can possibly be. We do this by developing their spirit as well as their physical stature. We teach them how to be good citizens. How to build, line-upon-line, a positive character trait that permits an individual to a cumulative positive conclusion – both in training and in life. That these characteristics are “worthwhile”

We need young men and women today who value such things enough to overcome whatever obstacle is placed in front of them. The physical instruction of martial arts is merely a reinforcement of these tenets. And “Power Without Force” is the compass needle that allows the complete person to take upon themselves what ever their personal trials become, and overcome.

If we do our duty, the student will grow and cleave into these principles of good. This will make up a solid, peaceful, strong and faithful generation. As such we hold a great Trust. Whether the student is here a day, a week, a month, a year, or the rest of their lives, our skills, passed on, will be the means by which each of our students become a beacon of truth. One day, their skills will be needed. Either physically or mentally.

Now, suppose this is not something that is so grand for their life – is our job any less important? No. We must do all we can, as if their life is that important. That they take from us the best we can give. That they learn of rewards through hard work. And the added bonus is; they will never be afraid more than a moment. For their training, will overcome any obstacle we will have them met our minimum duty. Our students will have the best opportunity possible to succeed in what ever their chosen endeavor.

We are assisting the doctors, police and military of tomorrow. Just as important, we are assisting bakers, plumbers, researcher and the like. Most important we are assisting tomorrows mothers, fathers, and children of the next generation.

Grand Master Koskella Flying Side Kick (1984)2017-06-12T23:47:03+00:00
GM Koskella 2016 Block Break2017-06-12T22:23:42+00:00
Master Shin’s World Class Taekwondo Festival and Tournament – With GM Koskella as Special Guest2017-06-12T21:55:19+00:00
GM Koskella 20162017-06-12T20:50:57+00:00
Emmett Idaho School GM Koskella Teaching2017-06-12T19:55:50+00:00
GM Kim’s Sim Moo Hapkido Seminar – Greeting Dojunim Ji Han Jae2017-06-12T18:50:07+00:00
SMK Leadership – Supreme GM Ro, Byung Jick, Senior GM Ro, Hee Sang and GM Kirk Koskella (2015)2017-06-12T17:40:00+00:00
Grand Opening Orem, Utah – Grand Master Bong Soo Han (IHF) with GM Koskella (1996)2017-06-12T14:38:15+00:00
Seowon Tigers Tucson AZ2017-06-12T14:36:28+00:00
GM Ro attending ASMKA Event – Orem Utah2017-06-12T12:40:54+00:00
2nd Dan Neal Koskella – Flying Side Kick Fun with Master Lee Gillenkirk from Tucson, AZ2017-06-12T11:39:55+00:00
Hapkido Fun in 2014 – Perry and Rafe Smith (Son’s of Grandmaster Ray Smith) in Phoenix, Arizona School2017-06-12T10:42:03+00:00
Kirk Koskella Orem Utah Awards Ceremony – 28 ASMKA Black Belts 1st to 6th Dan in attendance2017-06-12T09:43:12+00:00
Rafe Smith Yu Shin Gumdo – Exceptional training day in 20162017-06-10T20:44:59+00:00
GM Koskella at Isle of Mann School – Teaching Kids is the most fun ever (1997)2017-06-10T14:45:59+00:00

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